At Night

Not particularly 'wow' but still a nice shot I think... the camera decided it needed 60 seconds for this scene...

I really like my Leica M-D (I could write 'love', but that sounds a bit over the top...). It's a digital Leica (essentially the M camera, the one before the M10, type 262), but doesn't have an LCD screen. It has been my loyal companion for 5 or 6 years now and so far never gave me any trouble. Most people don't get why anyone would buy a digital camera without screen and no option to look at the photo you just took (it was even more expensive than the one with the screen: pay more for less). I do. It's the film experience, but without all the hassle of film. My brief time with the analogue Leica M-A convinced me the M-D was the camera for me. It's the perfect simplicity. No menus, no complicated choices, no options. Like an analogue film camera. Just the basics: aperture, ISO and shutter speed.

Back of the Leica M-D, with just a wheel to set the ISO...

There's just one part of my photography where I miss the LCD-screen on the back: long exposure night shots. It's really inconvenient not being able to check the result to see what the shutter speed should be. If you decide to let the camera decide, you get the above scene. Basically the camera will expose until it looks like a day shot (or seriously over-expose if the lightmeter focussed on the darkest spot in the scene).

Leica M-D with Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4

Malaysia - 13 June 2022