Father with two sons in a local train...

Shooting people like this is a bit scary for the obvious reason: they might not like it. In fact, only later I found out this style of photography is prohibited in Japan. You are not allowed to photograph people without their permission.

When I took this shot I didn't know these rules (my bad, you really should look up the regulations of the countries you visit, to avoid landing in legal trouble). The father kept waking up and dozing off, so the fear was he would wake up exactly at the wrong moment: with me pointing the lens in his face. But I took the risk anyway, cause I thought the scene was endearing and perhaps reflective a bit of the work ethic of Japan, leading to overworked and constantly tired people.

Leica M-D with Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4

In a train from Goi to Tokyo, Japan - 11 August 2018